Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hello. 雪のNYより久し振りに

Hi I don't know what I'm going to write first. I haven't been writing anything on my blog over two months already. I had the crazy hectic days a whole month in December, 2009. I only had a day off on Christmas day. And I was visiting Japan in January. I had a great time with my family. We cerebrate New Year is one of the biggest holiday than Christmas in Japan. My mother cooked the best traditional new year food I had ever. I hadn't visited Japan for Five years. So I really enjoyed staying there and it was a busy stay. I recovered from a jet-lag now.
It was snowing in NY today. The show storm was coming but if living in city, I didn't feel it doesn't seem the big storm. Anyway, the picture is I took from my studio's window. The snow on the branches is very beautiful.



Unknown said...

Nice! Welcome back.

Julia Takagi said...

Oh, welcome back !!! I'm glad you have had such a great time with your family :)
We always go to Germany over X-mas and it was also great to see my father again.
Yes, please visit me, when you come to Fukuoka !!! You are always welcome at my place ^_^
We will move at the end of March, I'm already excited. Please mail me at if you come there.

YOKO said...


Mayumi Takagi said...

Hi Walter,
Thank you. How are you doing?

Hi Julia Takagi,
It's a wonderful for you to go to Germany Christmas season.
Fukuoka is a nice city. Oh! I think people in Fukuoka speak in the Hakata-ben( Hakata dialect) that you may not understand. But it's fun to lean so enjoy!

Mayumi Takagi said...



joseph's art and stuff said...

Welcome back, hope you enjoy the snow.

Mayumi Takagi said...

Thank you, joseph. I think it's more snow in your place.
Take care....

joseph's art and stuff said...

so far this year we've only had one "real" snow fall and that all melted away. it has been a very mild winter.