Sunday, July 19, 2009

Joe Anna Arnett. セントラル・パークで...

I went to Central Park yesterday. I saw Joe Anna Arnett painting at the Bethesda Fountain, I was so happy to see her. At about the time I began painting, I found a book, "Painting Sumptuous Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers" by Joe Ann Arnett at the New York Public Library. I love her still life paintings. Since then I've been a fan of hers.
Joe Ann was painting the second painting of the day when I saw her, she had done another one in the morning. I wanted to see it but I couldn't ask as I thought it was already packed away, but she nicely offered to show it to me. They were nice landscape paintings.
She is very friendly, I really enjoyed talking with her. I am uploading a picture with Joe Anna and myself and a picture of the book which is I consider my master book for still life painting.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scissors Series 忘れてました。

I forgot to upload a new print that I created in March. It's the scissors series 3. It's a lithograph. The other two prints of scissors are etching and aquatint.
It was exhibited in my solo show at the Brooklyn Library. Now, I'm working on a new project which will be a series of Central Park and I'm also enjoying the summer weather.