Friday, October 22, 2010

The Reception at Hammond Museum

I couldn't have any time to post recently.... I had an opening reception at the Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden on September 25th. It was a very beautiful day to take a trip to upstate New York. And the museum's garden is great to walk around in the day. I met many wonderful people and the artists at the reception. I couldn't take a lot of pictures but I'm uploading some of the ones I took.
Oh! It was a very nice surprise that a woman from Manhattan who is an art collector and who owns one of my prints,
came to the opening. I was so pleased to have met her there. Thanks to all who attended the reception.
最近あっという間に時間が経って、もう10月半ば過ぎてしまって… 先月ハモンド ミュージアムでのグループ展のレセプションの写真をアップしてます。今回のグループ展では、私の10点のエッチングとリトグラフを展示してます。

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Invitation グループ展のご案内

Hello~! I'm having a group exhibition from September 22 (Wed) to November 20 (Sat) at Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden. It's the 2010 Tri State Competition Winners Exhibition. I exhibit 10 prints (“The Scissor Series”, “The Central Park Series” and "kissing the Universe"). Please join us for the reception on Saturday, September 25 from 1 PM to 3 PM. Click more information
When I delivered my prints at the Museum, the Marple trees are so beautiful in the Japanese Stroll Garden. It just started turning leaves red at Upstate New York now.
現在ハモンド ミュージアムでグループ展を9月22日より開催しています。3つの州のアーテイストのコンペテションが昨年あリその優勝者の展示会です。
私は、はさみとセントラルパーク シリーズとアインスタインのプリントの(エッチングとリトグラフ)計10点展示をしています。クリックするとグループ展の詳細が見れます。
ハモンド ミュージアムには、日本庭園があり、先日搬入に行ったらもみじが綺麗でした。でもまだ、アップステート ニューヨークでは、紅葉が始まったばかりでした。
お近くの方はぜひ紅葉を楽しみがてら、ハモンド ミュージアムへ来館して下さい。展示は、11月20日土曜日まで開催してます。

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Time flies so fast.時間が経つのは早い

I haven't posted any blog since Feburary. Looking at my past posts. I haven't uploaded when I was printing an edition of "Thread on Table" yet as I hadn't decided which papers and inks I would use for it. The example is a proof printed on Italian blue paper with earth brown ink and blue paper with green ink. Also Chine-collé with green kitakata paper and also natural with black ink. I tried using variations of colors from bright orange to dark red for the ink for the red thread in the proofs. I decided to make editions of two different techniques with the same image. They are chine-colle with green kitakata paper on warm white paper and the Italian blue paper with dark olive green ink.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hello. 雪のNYより久し振りに

Hi I don't know what I'm going to write first. I haven't been writing anything on my blog over two months already. I had the crazy hectic days a whole month in December, 2009. I only had a day off on Christmas day. And I was visiting Japan in January. I had a great time with my family. We cerebrate New Year is one of the biggest holiday than Christmas in Japan. My mother cooked the best traditional new year food I had ever. I hadn't visited Japan for Five years. So I really enjoyed staying there and it was a busy stay. I recovered from a jet-lag now.
It was snowing in NY today. The show storm was coming but if living in city, I didn't feel it doesn't seem the big storm. Anyway, the picture is I took from my studio's window. The snow on the branches is very beautiful.