Friday, November 20, 2009

My article in the newspaper, 新聞に私の記事が

There is an article about my solo exhibition in Japanese newspaper, The Shukan New York SeiKatsu No.275 (10/17/09 Issue). I tried to translate it from Japanese to English was a lot of job for me indeed. And a friend of mine corrected it. I'm happy to have it because it's a good one and is not only a detail of the exhibition but also included my statement in it as well. I would like everyone can read English Translation of the article (click).


Julia Takagi said...

Congratulations !!!
Thank you for the translation of the article... my Japanese is still not good ^^"
It was exciting to read about the exhibition and your motivation to create art. I totally agree with you about a "red thread" in all of our lifes!

joseph's art and stuff said...

Congratulations, Mayumi. very nice article, glad you took the time to translate for us. Your talent is well versed in many mediums. Looking forward to more.

Unknown said...

Congratulations, that's a great article.

aiko said...


Mayumi Takagi said...

Hi Julia,
My English is still not good. If I wrote something strange thing on your blog, Please forgive me.
Julia, thank you for your comment.

Hi joseph and Walter,
Thank you. I may try to translate some article again soon.

Mayumi Takagi said...



joseph's art and stuff said...

Merry Christmas and hope you have a great new year!

Julia Takagi said...

Aww, your English is perfect and not strange at all !!! I wish I were that good in Japanese.
How are you? Hope all is going great with you and that you've had a wonderful new years celebration.
Here all is fine, but very turbulent at the moment... Guess what?!? We will move to Kyushu at the end of March. They suddenly offered my husband a professor position in Kyushu daigaku. We were so surprised and happy, because this is a great honor.
How is the art-scene in Fukuoka? Do you know?
Please, if you come to Kyushu someday again, visit us, o.k?!
Hope to see more art from you soon!


Mayumi Takagi said...

Hi joseph,
Thank you for your greeting. I couldn't visit your blog long time. Sorry. I think you had the wonderful holidays.

Hi Julia-san,
Sorry. It took time to reply to you.
Anyway, Congratulations! What's a great news! Your husband become a professor of Kyushu University. Wonderful!!! You must proud of him. I would like to see you in Fukuoka. When I visit Japan next time, I'll send a note to you.
Congratulations again!