Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Won an award! 賞を受賞。

I attended the reception of 67th Annul Audubon Artists Exhibition and won "Marquis Who’s Who In American Art References Award"on Sunday, September 27. It's a bad spot to hang on my print "The Red Thread" I pointed out in a picture but I can't complain because of received the award. The Exhibition will be until Friday, October 2nd.
I didn't mention that I'm also honored to won “Nessa Cohen Grant" from The Art Students League of New York in May, 2009. At that time, I submitted a few other prints and included “The Red Thread” as well.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

More working. 頑張ってます。

This is a third stage of the picture. I made a second plate for a red thread to add on the print. I have two plates for one image. And I worked on the first plate to make more contrast for a whole image and etch the thread's shadow more.
Anyway, I took some pictures of two portraits I recently worked on late week. I'll post them soon.
it's chill in NY. Before going to bed, I should close all windows in my apartment tonight. Good night.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scissors Series #4. はさみ#4

I've been working on this etching since June. I took this picture of the work in progress in July. I've continued working on it. It's almost finished but I've tried printing out on many different papers. I want to find out which paper is best suited for the image. I'll have a solo exhibition soon soI've been working so hard for it as well as working on a girl's portrait which I finished painting yesterday.I'm going to post it soon. Hope it'll be a nice weather for taking photographs of a few portrait paintings.
このエッチングの写真は7月に撮影したものです。(この写真はまだ製作途中) この作品は、6月から製作を始めました。現在ほぼ完成してますが、どの紙に刷るか、毎日色々な紙に試し刷りをしてます。もうすぐ個展を開催するので、今とっても忙しです。このエッチングと黒人の少女の作品を急いで仕上ているところです。明日、作品の写真を撮る予定にしてます。天気が良い事を祈って...もう寝ます。

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The girl's portrait. 少女の肖像画

I've been continuing to work on the portrait. Painting children is difficult. Their anatomy is different than adults' anatomy, especially bone structure of the face. As I work on the painting I found the little girl beginning to look like an adult.
I fixed her eyes, forehead and skin tone today. Here is the picture. I hope to finish the painting soon.