Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scissors Series #4. はさみ#4

I've been working on this etching since June. I took this picture of the work in progress in July. I've continued working on it. It's almost finished but I've tried printing out on many different papers. I want to find out which paper is best suited for the image. I'll have a solo exhibition soon soI've been working so hard for it as well as working on a girl's portrait which I finished painting yesterday.I'm going to post it soon. Hope it'll be a nice weather for taking photographs of a few portrait paintings.
このエッチングの写真は7月に撮影したものです。(この写真はまだ製作途中) この作品は、6月から製作を始めました。現在ほぼ完成してますが、どの紙に刷るか、毎日色々な紙に試し刷りをしてます。もうすぐ個展を開催するので、今とっても忙しです。このエッチングと黒人の少女の作品を急いで仕上ているところです。明日、作品の写真を撮る予定にしてます。天気が良い事を祈って...もう寝ます。


joseph's art and stuff said...

Looking great! A solo show, congratulations! Looking forward to seeing more images of the painting and etching!

Julia Takagi said...

Wonderful art...!!!
I just browsed google and found we are both artists and have the same family name. Good luck with your solo exhibition !!!
Just having a group exhibition with "Salon Blanc" in Germany :)

Mayumi Takagi said...

Thank you, joseph. I like your drawings on a Japanese album style moleskin. It's almost done. I think you would draw more hair....

Mayumi Takagi said...

Thank you for leaving your comment. I was surprised not only the same family name and both artists but also you are a member of Salon Du Blanc. I'm a member too. well, I don't know I'm still in or not. What a nice coincidence.
Anyway, thank you for find me.
I visited your blog too. I like your artwork.