Sunday, August 30, 2009

A girl I met in Central park.セントラルパークの少女

I started working a new painting yesterday of a cute girl that I met in Central park. I worked on it today as well. I just sat down on the couch this afternoon to take a break but fell asleep and took a long nap. I don't know how long one can sleep and still call it a "nap". I worked on the portrait all day yesterday, that's why I might be tired. I did a lot of work on the first day and feel satisfied with what I did. Before washing my brushes, I took a picture of the portrait as it is after the second day of work.
昨日から新しい肖像画を描き始めた。セントラルパークで会ったこの少女、私がスケッチをしている傍に来て話しかけてきた。この子の母親に許可を得てスケッチして、写真も撮らせてもらった。 昨日は丸一日製作していたせいか、今日描いてる途中で休憩を取ってソファに座っていていつの間にか寝ていた。昨日頑張り過ぎたから、ちょっと長めの昼寝だった。この肖像画は、描き始めて2日目の写真です。


Unknown said...

That's really nice, you got her sweet quality and expression, and you got her golden skin tone as well, great work, so much accomplished for two days worth of work!

joseph's art and stuff said...

What a sweet madel, and a great job you are doing on this painting. Get some rest, if you stay up all night and paint all day, then you will need to take long naps. Thanks for the comments and offer, the moleskine will be filled with all sorts of different womens portraits, i'd be honored to add yours!

johnny said...

Beautiful start, the gesture is great and has real spontaneity, capturing a real moment in time, which is so rare in portraits. Really lovely Mayumi!

Jay Speights said...

What a great encounter you had in the park. This girl has a unique spirit which is evident. And, your keen eye and and skill captured it. I love the skin tone and can't wait to see it when you have finished.

Mayumi Takagi said...

Hi Walter,
I worked so hard for two days. Honestly,the girl's skin tone was difficult. Thank you for the nice comment.

Hi joseph,
Yes I'm lucky to find a sweet model in Central park. I'll take a rest tomorrow not to paint. Thank you.

Hi johnny,
Thank you, johnny. I think I had a good start but I have a trouble with painting her eyes now.

Hi Jay Speights,
Thank you for your comment. She is a great model. Also her dress... I enjoy painting it now.