Wednesday, May 7, 2008

more worked

Hi I've been working more etch and aquatint again on the plate for two weeks.
petrakis_nomikos left a comment for the past blog "The Etching & Aquatint" posted in April 19. His idea of a title is "Escape from the net". He said it seems to be some kind of net with an opening towards a light, standing out against the dark background.
I really appreciate his comment. Also some person said it seems corals.
I made a kind of cells. The concept of this print is a human being composes many cells but I think the cells create us. The cells are inputted many different information such as the heredity from the parents and their families. I have one more thing for the print... but I don't want to tell everything. I want viewers get some feelings from it.
Anyway, I would like to thank petrakis_nomikos to his comment.
Oyasuminasai...ii yumewo...(Good night...have a sweet dream)

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