Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Etching & Aquatint

Hello~. What do you think?
I made some tone on the etching plate by aquatint on Thursday. I printed it out yesterday. I think it seems okay so far but I want to work on it more.
I'm thinking about title. What is a title good for it?



Unknown said...

A title that pops up on seeing your etching is 'Escape from the net', since it seems to be some kind of net with an opening towards a light, standing out against the dark background.

Mayumi Takagi said...

The title of "Escape from the net" is interesting. Hmmm...does it seems to be some kind of net? well, I did some thing different. it's also very interesting in people get various views/feelings for me. I think I would like to write about the image on my blog another time.
Thank you very much.

Unknown said...

I like it better now, it's seems more dimensional and that you are there within the body in that microscopic world. Cool!